Iron Algal Seeding For CO2 Removal Not So Good

“Results cast doubt on potential ‘climate fix’

“A controversial experiment which poured iron into the Southern Ocean has also poured cold water on the idea that such ‘ocean fertilization’ can mitigate against climate change.

“The Lohafex project was investigating suggestions that carbon dioxide can be removed from the atmosphere by promoting algal blooms with iron. Despite protests from some groups, researchers aboard the Polarstern research vessel carried out their experiment this month.

However, the Alfred-Wegener institute, which was backing Lohafex, says “only a modest amount of carbon sank out of the surface layer by the end of the experiment. Hence, the transfer of CO2 from the atmosphere to the ocean to compensate the deficit caused by the LOHAFEX bloom was minor compared to earlier ocean iron fertilization experiments.”

Iron Fail

They’re not finished looking into this idea though we can hope the promise continues to be small. Geo-engineering on the scale envisioned would almost certainly have catastrophic “unseen” consequences.

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