2 Trillion Tons of Ice — Gone

“New satellite data presented by NASA scientists shows the loss of an estimated 2 trillion tons of ice from Greenland, the Antarctic and the North Poll: proof positive of global warming’s dramatic effects, they claimed.

“‘More than half of the loss of landlocked ice in the past five years has occurred in Greenland, based on measurements of ice weight by NASA’s GRACE satellite,’ said NASA geophysicist Scott Luthcke, in a report by the Environmental News Network.

The Greenland melting, added Luthcke, appears to be accelerating.

One immediate effect of this progressive melting is a spike in the intensity and frequency of massive wildfires in the American West, according to one expert who says more than half of the region could be claimed by fire in the next century.

Tom Swetnam, a leading fire ecologist at the University of Arizona, told CBS’s 60 Minutes that a temperature increase in the West of just one degree had contributed to a four-fold increase in fires in the area.”

Raw Story

One thing I haven’t seen talked about is where the ex ice has gone to. Is it ocean water, and thus accounts for the sea rise? Is it atmospheric water and does that contribute to, or diminish heat entrapment? If in the atmosphere what determines its distribution and does the greater load in some places contribute to the increased rain we are seeing? Does a greater load have an effect on the major wind patterns?

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