Fish Stock Plummeting

We’ll all be vegans with no choice about it….

…walleye pollack, which accounts for a third of the total US fish catch, is … in danger.

Fisheries scientists met last week in Seattle and recommended that next year’s catch in the eastern Bering Sea, the main walleye pollack-fishing region for US boats, be cut by 18% to 815,000 tonnes. See the report (pdf format).

A series of cuts in recent years have seen the quota drop from almost 1,500,000 tonnes in 2005.
In addition there is tuna:

The collapse of north Atlantic cod populations could provide an important lesson for preventing tuna from suffering a similar fate worldwide, researchers say.

Over-fishing caused Canada’s cod industry to plummet in value from $1.4 billion in 1968 to just $10 million in 2004. Now researchers warn that tuna fisheries worldwide are on the brink of a similar collapse.


And see Andrew Revkin’s The (Tuna) Tragedy of the Commons

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