Species Endangerment

There will be more accountability for the steroids pumped into the willing bodies of athletes than for the death by slow catastrophe of our world by those operating on the ideology of the greedy me.

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Stephen Johnson overruled the unanimous opinion of his legal and technical staff in blocking California’s effort to cut greenhouse gases from cars and trucks – a new revelation that California officials say shows his decision was based on politics, not the law.

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Henry Waxman, D-Los Angeles, launched a probe Thursday into why Johnson made his decision even though EPA staffers reportedly warned him he would lose in court if he denied California’s request.

“Prior to making this decision, you assured the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, as well as the state of California and many others, that you would make this decision on the merits,” Waxman wrote in a letter to Johnson. “It does not appear that you fulfilled that commitment.”

The revelation that Johnson ignored his staff’s advice was first reported by the Washington Post on Thursday. California Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer said her office was able to confirm that the staff recommendations were rejected by the administrator.

EPA Staff Warned

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