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Next-Ten is a new public policy group, founded by F.Noel Perry, a Menlo Park venture capitalist, which describes itself as “focused on innovation and the intersection between the economy, the environment, and quality of life issues for all Californians. We create tools and provide information that fosters a deeper understanding of the critical issues affecting all Californians. Through education and civic engagement, we hope Californians will become empowered to affect change.”

Of particular interest is a Green Innovation Index which Next-10 commissioned, and is intended to be renewed yearly. The Index was created by Collaborative Economics and using polling data from Field Research, well known to us in California.

The 10 main findings of the Index, the full report which can be downloaded here, are the following:

10 Main Findings

California’s first wave of green innovation, resulting from increasing energy efficiency since the 1970s, yielded significant economic and environmental benefits. This progress, coupled with the widespread recognition among Californians that global warming is a critical challenge that can be addressed by businesses, policymakers and citizens alike.

The First Wave of Green Innovation

1. California has become a world leader in addressing global warming.
2. California has one of the lowest per capita GHG emissions and highest growth domestic products in the nation.
3. California is more energy efficient than the nation and other comparable states resulting in significant savings to consumers.
4. California utility programs and efficiency standards yield major savings and reduced the need to build additional power plants.

Tracking Signs of the Next Wave of Green Innovation

5. Californians are at the forefront of recognizing that global warming is a critical challenge that can be addressed by citizens and businesses as well as government.
6. Widespread innovation in the adoption of green products and services is already happening in California.
7. Innovation in the creation of new green products and services is also increasing in California.

The Challenge and Prospects for the Future

8. California needs to rapidly increase its pace of change through breakthroughs in energy efficiency and the adoption of clean energy.
9. While California is currently a leader in green innovation, it needs to continue to invest in research and commercialization that promotes the creation and adoption of clean energy.
10. California is taking steps to achieve the goals of AB 32 and the public supports taking action to address global warming.

There are more details in the Index, of course, or for a summary, you could read David Baker’s article in the SF Chronicle.

Next-10 has interests beyond this Green Index and seems to have first come to prominence with an on-line game to involve citizens in the California budget discussion. Click here, and then on the orange button to the right of the screen. I took it, and of course ended up with a 6 billion deficit over 5 years. ho hum….

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