La Abramoff Tar Pits

Jack the Fixer Abramoff is in the pokey. Meanwhile, those who couldn’t resist his siren song have fallen into the tar pit of greed and corruption. Why just the other day J. Steven Griles, hot shot at the Dept of Interior got his measurements taken for a nice orange jump suit — to last him for ten months or so.

Out of California comes the sight of Federal U-Haul trucks backing up to the doors of two, high-ranking John Doolittle aides, former Chief of Staff, David Lopez and former Legislative Director Pete Evich. Another staffer, Kevin Ring, is already displaying his wares to the same Feds.

I don’t suppose everyone who voted for Doolittle over Charlie Brown last November is feeling silly or ashamed. Just because the warning bells were cacophonous doesn’t mean you should examine your decisions. There may be a few though, joining the ranks of those with the painful welts from having the bandages ripped from their eyes…. Charlie, still running, to catch Doolittle in 2008 is keeping pretty good tabs on the investigatee.

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