Blackwater Cruelties

There is a special place in hell reserved for Erik Prince, Blackwater’s directors and their family valued republican lawyers, Fred F. Fielding, currently counsel to the President of the United States, Joseph E. Schmitz, formerly the Inspector General at the Pentagon, Kenneth Starr, famed prosecutor in the Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Raleigh, NC – The families of four American security contractors who were burned, beaten, dragged through the streets of Fallujah and their decapitated bodies hung from a bridge over the Euphrates River on March 31, 2004, are reaching out to the American public to help protect themselves against the very company their loved ones were serving when killed, Blackwater Security Consulting. After Blackwater lost a series of appeals all the away to the U.S. Supreme Court, Blackwater has now changed its tactics and is suing the dead men’s estates for $10 million to silence the families and keep them out of court.

Blackwater Suing Families of Dead

The familes could use financial help here.

Perhaps any acquaintances of yours who think war is a great, first choice solution to conflict, or who think they know all about patriotism, would be interested to know about Blackwater and its treatment of the families of the gruesomely slain….

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