Scooter Libby: No Soldier

I don’t know how many of you caught the Fouad Ajami op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal proclaiming Scooter Libby a “fallen soldier” in the war in Iraq, and pleading military tradition not to “leave him behind.” It was pretty pitiful.

Some real soldiers are beyond pity though. They are beyond pissed as well and have provided Mr. Ajami with links to photos of real fallen soldiers to help him understand what fallen means.

Dr. Ajami,

As an American soldier, I am sickened by you. Your comparison of Scooter Libby to a “fallen soldier” is odious. Libby played an obvious and essential role in leading this nation’s military into a war in which over 3,500 real soldiers have fallen—and one in which over 25,000 others have been maimed.

Via NoQuarter

In related news, the “real soldiers” who wrote letter to Judge Walton in praise of soldier Libby don’t want us to know what they said. Libby’s lawyer argued against release of these letters because of “the real possibility that these letters, once released, would be published on the Internet and their authors discussed, even mocked, by bloggers.”

Pass the Smelling Salts…

Praise of Libby Released

Maybe next time the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs will be more careful in his public admiration of a convicted liar….

You can read the man-crush letters at

You may particularly enjoy Mary Matalin’s assertion that her husband, James Carville, joins her in expressing admiration for soldier libby…

Then, if you can stomach it, Joe Klein, infamous “Anonymous” of Primary Colors, and leading “liberal” for Time Magazine, lets us know why Paris Hilton deserves jail and Scooter Libby does not. Fortunately, Glen Greenwald dissects the scat for us.

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