One of the enjoyable habits of Saturday mornings is to turn to Earthweek, a colored map of the Earth with various icons indicating where interesting/significant natural events have happened in the last week.

Jellyfish Inundations

Recent years of drought in Spain have reduced the flow of rivers into the sea, allowing the jellyfish to move from their usual habitat about 20 miles (30 km) offshore to just off the country’s beaches.

Overfishing of the jellyfish’s natural predators, such as red tuna, has also allowed their numbers to soar, according to professor Josep María Gili, a professor at the Spanish High Council for Scientific Research.

It turns out you don’t have to wait for Saturday. Earthweek is online and you can check in whenever the mood strikes you. Of course, it’s not often happy news you get there. Often surprising, though. Who, besides South Africans would have thought of killer snow storms in Africa?

Freezing temperatures and other wintry conditions were blamed for the death of at least 17 people, mainly in Eastern Cape province.

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