I have been glad to see on the morning blather show repeated shots of earnest Jim Comey’s face telling his Raymond Chandler thriller to the Judiciary Committee (Tuesday) again and again. Suggestions of Comey as being played by Jimmy Stewart don’t hurt either. Like little other evidence Comey’s testimony has put Attorney General Alberto Gonzales’ utter venality, utter banality of evil, in the display case light.

If you missed the Big Show you can catch it here. Watch It Now!

It is absolutely astounding of course how hard it is to get serious attention paid, much less something actually done about malfeasance in high places. The old muck-raking suspicion of the powerful and the courtiers around them seems to have been replaced with slightly awe-struck belief that, unless genitals are implicated, all behavior by somebody famous is acceptable behavior.

You can catch up with the Attorney General / U.S. Attorney scandal at

Glen Greenwald

Washington Post Lead Editorial

TPM Muckraker



At least 26 US Attorneys were on lists, not just 8 or 9. Dan Eggan of WaPo at SFC

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