On This Date: May 1

On this date – May 1 we recall several events.

May 1, 1886, for example:

On May 1, 1886, around 500,000 workers took action. Demonstrations and strikes occurred in major cities across the country as well as smaller cities and rural towns.
Nearly 90,000 workers marched in Chicago, with almost 40,000 being strikers. Thirty-five thousand Chicago meatpackers won the eight-hour day with no loss of pay after that strike.
Ten thousand marched to Union Square in New York City. Eleven thousand marched in Detroit. Around 20,000 protested in Baltimore, along with thousands in Milwaukee. In Louisville, 6,000 Black and white workers marched together into city parks that were officially closed to Blacks. The Black press reported that the union movement had broken down the walls of prejudice.

MercoPress from Montevideo, Uraguay or Dick Meister at Znet.

On the other hand
, May 1, 2003 marks Bushie Fools day when Commander Cod Piece landed on the USS Abraham Lincoln, a few miles off the San Diego coast and made his Victory is Mine Mission Accomplished speech.

White House.gov remembers fondly.

Glen Greenwald reminds us of the drooling press coverage given the President’s stunt.

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