An Unsuitable Steward of the Law

Now here are some conservatives one could imagine sitting in the same car with….

“Dear Mr. President and Attorney General:

We, the undersigned co-founders of the American Freedom Agenda, urge the Attorney General to submit his resignation and the President to accept.

Mr. Gonzales has presided over an unprecedented crippling of the Constitution’s time-honored checks and balances.

He has brought the rule of law into disrepute, and debased honesty as the coin of the realm.

He has engendered the suspicion that partisan politics trumps evenhanded law enforcement in the Department of Justice.

He has embraced legal theories that could be employed by a successor to obliterate the conservative philosophy of individual liberty and limited government celebrated by the Founding Fathers.

In sum, Attorney General Gonzales has proven an unsuitable steward of the law and should resign for the good of the country.

The President should accept the resignation, and set a standard to which the wise and honest might repair in nominating a successor, who will keep the law, like Caesar’s wife, above suspicion.


Bruce Fein, Chairman Richard Viguerie David Keene Bob Barr John Whitehead”

The letter writers are from

And even beyond their nice letter, their 10 point freedom agenda looks pretty good. This coming from the perhaps reformed Bob Barr, yapping terrier in the Monica Lewinsky mess, but lately more of a libertarian than a authoritarian. And Richard Viguerie, the inventor of modern, computerized, direct mail? He’s also author of Conservatives Betrayed: How George W. Bush and Other Big Government Republicans Hijacked the Conservative Cause. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t like the Cause but I’m real glad he doesn’t like the man he helped get elected.

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