Ramp-Down Wedges

Here is a short introduction to the idea of Climate Stabilization Wedges. Like supporting a house on unstable land with wedges and then slowly withdrawing them in a controlled manner until it rests of a firm foundation, the idea of “wedges” is a means to frame a way of approaching the modern crisis — economies built on (oil) sand. The foundation is shaky and probably getting more so. What do we do? We drive wedges of new energies under the house to replace the deteriorating foundation, and provide a way to lower it safely to a more solid and enduring place. The wedges are the multiple alternative energies — solar, thermal, biomass, you name it. No one thing will replace the fossil fuel mono-source of 20th century growth. And perhaps the sum total will not allow the same infinite (projections of) growth. But with the development of, and proper use of, such wedges the house may be saved.

Read more about this idea in a Truthout Article by its environmental editor, Kelpie Wilson.

[thx David H.]

Her argument brings to mind the notion of Paul Goodman, one of my early influences, that if you change things by 10 % a year, in 10 years you will have 100% change. Life doesn’t unfold so simply, of course, but the principal is worth living by. Push for the do-able changes constantly to avoid the undo-able ones in an unanticipated year.

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