Iran “Defector” Update 03/22

It gives me no pleasure to share with you that a certified spook, writing for Time magazine, shares the concerns I’ve expressed over the whereabouts, and whoabouts of General Ali Reza Asgari.

General Ali Reza Asgari, a former intelligence officer in Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and deputy defense minister until 2005, was last seen in public around December 7 in Istanbul. Iran says Israel and the United States kidnapped him, presumably to coerce him into telling lies about Iran. The Washington Post has reported he is in U.S. custody, spilling his guts, and more recently the New York Times reported that the German defense minister, when asked about Asgari’s whereabouts, said “I cannot say anything on this issue.” But both the U.S. and Israel deny having him, let alone kidnapping him.

Robert Baer, Time Mag

Bear in mind, it’s not what he might know or tell about his past that worries me. It’s what might be said about what he said, or what he might say that seems like something he said, and most of all what might be done in the name of what he has said, alleged to have said, or can be assumed to have said given other things said, by others.

There are lunatics in the wheelhouse of the ship of state and they will run us all up on the rocks to prove they are there.

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