Liars with Copy Editor’s Pens

As you know, Bush Bureaucrats have been pushing their pencils all over documents prepared by their betters. Worse than the Grammar Police they alter the facts and the meaning of the original authors, depriving us, the readers, of what we need to understand the world rushing on. Damn the Democrats, letting us now see!

In today’s nearly 5-hour questioning of witnesses, Waxman and other representatives focused on changes made to drafts of three documents. Beginning in 2001, CEQ officials suggested 113 edits to the Administration’s draft Strategic Plan of the Climate Change Science Program that Waxman says played down the role of human activities in global warming. Another 181 changes either exaggerated or emphasized scientific uncertainties, such as changing “will” to “may” in the draft sentence “Warming temperatures will also affect Arctic land areas.”

Looking Into the Edits

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