Effing President Bush

I wouldn’t have predicted a growth in my esteem for Zbigniew Bzrezinski many years back. He was, after all the architect of the spur-on-the-mujaheddin in Afghanistan to provoke the USSR plan which gave rise to the super-armed, warring tribes, which provided Osama bin Laden training and a cause, which gave rise to the Taliban, which aided and abetted al-Qaeda, which led to the attacks on the World Trade Center. However, from the beginning of the Bush invasion of Iraq he has led the high-level strategy push back. He is always interesting to read; he is saying things that most likely are true and he isn’t letting up.

I’m sorry to say, this is terrible. I think what this president has done to America’s position in the world is unconscionable and will take years to undo after 2008, provided we don’t plunge into some terrible expanded conflict before he leaves office. And what concerns me the most about Iraq is now that it is no longer a war of national interest. It’s a war of presidential hubris and has the potential for expanding into Iran.

Effing Bush

Here is is testifying before Congress with some well informed worries about Bush’s Iranian intentions.

His new book is: Second Chance: Three Presidents and the Crisis of American Superpower

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