State Secret: The Invisible Cloak

In all juvenile fiction the dream of the hero is to get hold of a cloak of invisibility — something that will prevent the bad guys from seeing their nemesis arriving. Of course the bad guys have their invisible cloaks too. Money is the traditional means to make invisible the malfeasance — a bribe here, a buy-out there. Calls to loyalty work, too; black-listing, death threats. When all that fails there is now the super impenetrable, can’t be broken, ripped or torn cloak of invisibility — no matter how horrific the crime: State Secrets! The Bushes are not the first to wear it but they are the first to make it their everyday casual wear.

Here is a man abducted and tortured, very likely by agents of the United States of America, beacon of freedom and justice around the world until just a few years back, and he can’t hold anyone accountable: State Secrets!

Appeals Court Upholds Dismissal of Suit

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