Boxer & Pelosi Greening D.C.


“The Speaker sent a letter Friday to the House chief administrative officer, directing him to report back to her by April 30 on how a “Green the Capitol” initiative could be implemented. She said she wants the House, which has about 10,000 employees scattered across several million square feet of office space, to institute “the most up-to-date industry and government standards for green building and green operating procedures.”

On the Senate side of the Capitol, Democrat Boxer has used her role as the new chairwoman of the Environment and Public Works Committee to initiate a pilot program to get senators to adopt more energy-efficient lighting in their offices.

…for example….

— Coat windows on the outside with ultraviolet-reducing film to reduce heat entering buildings and keep out harmful UV rays.

— Plant more trees nearby to shade the buildings and lower the inside temperature during the capital’s hot, humid summer.

— Place solar panels on the roofs.”

Small, but good.

In other news I heard today of a Japanese fitness center that had hooked up all it’s machines to a big building connected battery, enough to run the TVs, some of the lights and other electrical. If this were done in the Senate exercise room and every Senator given a quota…

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