Scientists Testify

Three more good thing about having Democrats in the majority: hearings, hearings and hearings.

Yesterday one of our favorite bulldogs, Henry Waxman, got a grip on the pantlegs of the Bush Administration, hearing testimony at the House Committe on Oversight and Government Reform on the President’s censorship crew.

Another witness, Rick Piltz, said he resigned in protest in 2005 from his job with the federal Climate Change Science Program when he became convinced that the administration’s goal was to “impede” the understanding of climate science among the public and even the Congress.

Part of his job, Mr. Piltz said, was to compile periodic assessments of government climate research for the Congress. “This report has essentially been made to vanish by the Bush administration,” he said.

“…even the Republicans on the panel had little good to say about the administration’s actions…”

Scientists Criticize

Update: Isn’t it great to read ledes like this in outfits with names like The Bayou Buzz?

“The Bush administration has consistently misled the public about the threat of global warming, said scientists who testified yesterday before a US House committee hearing into political interference with climate change science. Global warming also took center stage at a separate hearing in the US Senate yesterday, where the debate flared as senators offered their views and solutions regarding climate change.”

Misleader In Chief
The Union of Concerned Scientists’ investigation of governmental interference in science is here.

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