Nigeria & Oil

Sunday I went with friends to see a pretty amazing one-man show at the Marsh Theatre in the Mission District of San Francisco. Dan Hoyle, son of the famous Geoff Hoyle of the Pickle Family Circus and other, is an artist in his own right now.

Following 10 months in the oil producing region of the Niger Delta of Nigeria [10% of US oil], Hoyle gives us a dramatic introduction to the politics, the people and the problems of life in oil country. Taking on dozens of personalities in dozens of accents and dialects, Hoyle embeds his impressions of this corner of Africa in our minds and emotions. As one of our friends said after the powerful closing monologue: “It makes you want to sell your car, ride a bike and cut down on oil use everyway you can.” Yep

Tings De Happen extended through March 31.

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