American Citizen: Pre Trial Detention

Call me a sap for sad stories but this account of the incarceration of Jose Padilla, American Citizen, for over 3 1/2 years, without being charged and without counsel strikes me, all by itself, as worthy of impeaching the President.

“It is my opinion that as the result of his experiences during his detention and interrogation, Mr. Padilla does not appreciate the nature and consequences of the proceedings against him, is unable to render assistance to counsel, and has impairments in reasoning as the result of a mental illness, i.e., post-traumatic stress disorder, complicated by the neuropsychiatric effects of prolonged isolation,” Dr. Hegarty said in an affidavit for the defense.

For all I know Padilla is a henious monster. So let him be charged and tried. Do not destroy the bedrock foundations of America with the claim of protecting us.

Padilla: Sensory Deprivation

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