Turkey Cuts Ties With France

Hmmm… I didn’t see this in the MSM. Hard to know how serious the break is or could become but when two delusions clash the results are not likely to be pretty.

Relations between Turkey and France took another downturn today when the head of Turkey’s powerful army General Ilker Basbug announced that Ankara was cutting military ties with France. The General explained that the move is a protest against France’s vote to prosecute anyone who denies the Armenian massacres were a genocide.

Turkey Cuts Military Ties With France

Delusion one is the Turkish government’s demand that Armenians and Genocide not be mentioned within 15 words of each other, or some such. Delusion two is the French opposition party’s idea that not mentioning Armenians and Genocide within 15 words of each other constitutes a crime.

The French effort of course may be less a delusion than a determination to poke sticks in the eyes of the blind in an effort to heal them. Who knows?

In France and other European countries it is a crime to deny that the Holocaust took place. This is a bad road to create on-ramps to. Denial is stupidity; it should not be a crime. Depending on the party in power all sorts of opinions could well be declared crimes: Bush is an Idiot! Arrest him!

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