Ney – Gone

Representative Bob Ney, Ohio, who long and vehemently denied any ill-doing — no bribe taking, no relation to Abramoff, etc — is pleading guilty today, and probably resigning his Congressional seat.

In a calm and clear voice, Mr. Ney admitted before Judge Ellen S. Huvelle in Federal District Court that he had indeed engaged in a wide-ranging criminal conspiracy and made false statements about gifts he accepted while representing the people of Ohio’s 18th District.


I don’t suppose we’ll see any analysis of, or read any apologies for, all the denials, the stand-by-our-man statements, finger wagging at Democrats or any other statements or gestures making up the whole sordid stew of malfeasance, corruption or wrong headedness. What we will see are statements like “We have to leave the past behind us,” “I’m focused on the future,” etc etc. Because wandering through the haze of denial is so much more comfortable that really, really, looking at what has been and is still going on in the country and in the congress.

Oh hoh! So he’s not leaving Congress until his term is over! What the Eff?

Update: Muckraker says “a few weeks” before resignation. “A few constituent items to tie up.” Hmmm…or files to destroy?

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