Chavez Pulls the Devil’s Tail

I happened to catch some of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s speech at the UN this morning. He was waving around a thick paperback by Noam Chomsky, recommending that it be read by all but especially “our brothers and sisters” here in the United States. From this Raw Story report is was Hegemony or Survival.

His speech had all the high color of fine bombast. The line that cracked me up was after he said that the Devil himself had been at the same podium yesterday — President Bush — and the place “still smells of sulpher.” Damn! I bet that didn’t come from a vetted speech writer.

Raw Story on Hugo Chavez

I’ll look to see if the whole speech is posted somewhere. I’d like to see all of Ahmedinejad’s too. It’s odd, reading through all the reports, only to get selected shorts with no ability to read the whole (translated) transcript. (Not that I would read it all myself, but it’s comforting to be able to dig in and test the reporters asserstions with one’s own evaluation.)

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