Science Friday: Weather

Hurricane John

For us old fogeys these satellite photos are the stuff of magic. I remember thrilling to tales of the hurricane hunters in the mid 50s when tales of their derring-do made the pages of Readers Digest and Popular Mechanics. Occassionally we would see photos of great wind and cloud formations and buckets of rain but nothing like these panoramic views of earth itself breathing in and breathing out.

For more on hurricane John, about to slam into Cabo, check wunderground for images and technical discussion, and yes, even blogs about the weather. They even have a good section on astronomy if, say, you want to see what stars and planets are where tonight, in your neighborhood. [The weather channel is fixated on the East Coast where Ernesto has dropped to tropical storm force and is dropping rain all through Virginia. Nada on Mexican John (Cool, huh? Ernesto in the U.S. John in Mexico. Immigrants everywhere…)]

Mexican John

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