Iran: Reckless GOP Dreck

You may recall a day or so ago much brouhaha over the release of a House Sub-committee On Intelligence report on the state of military matters in Iran. Alarm bells started ringing in the homes of the sane and the sceptical, including the august N Y Times editorial pages with it’s headline: Wanted: Scarier Intelligence. Well guess what?

You know who the author is — Bolton’s former top aide. He had been actively seeking employment on the Hill for a full year, ever since the Bolton confirmation hearings in June of 2005. From what I am told, he was given the brush off from almost everyone. So I was very surprised to hear from an acquaintance two weeks ago that he was now on HPSCI. The timing of the report was no accident. The Committee should be embarrased by this document — it has nothing to do with intelligence and everything to do with a jeremiad against [Iran.]

…It was riddled with many, many errors — the ones that Gary Sick highlighted were different from those I saw. At the end of the day, the document is so absurd that giving it further attention is plain detrimental. …

War and Piece

Make sure you look at the list of a few of the egregious errors in the report.

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