U.S. Carriers Visit Korea, or Not

US Atlantic Fleet carrier in Pacific for first time in 17 years

Hmmm… very curious. See especially the paragraph about not visiting Busan….

HONOLULU (AP) – The USS Enterprise, a U.S. Atlantic Fleet aircraft carrier, steamed into the Asia-Pacific region for the first time in 17 years earlier this month, the military said.

The move is in response to a Pentagon policy – first publicly articulated in February – to boost the number of aircraft carriers the U.S. military has operationally available in the Pacific.

Military officials stressed the Enterprise’s presence has nothing to do with North Korea’s test-firing last week of a long-range missile into the Sea of Japan or other recent events.

U.S. military officials said Wednesday they could not confirm a report by the Seoul-based Yonhap news agency that the Enterprise would be calling on the South Korean port of Busan for four days starting next Tuesday.

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I’ll calculate the steaming distance between the Pacific and the Gulf of Oman vs. the Caribbean and the Gulf of Oman when I get a chance. I’ll bet some spare change that the distance around Africa from the Atlantic exceeds the Pacific route, and that it is totally unfeasable to get a carrier task force through the Suez and down the Red Sea…

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